EV Development

SiAECOSYS can do, no matter do you want build total e-bike from zero, or modify vehicle based on your gasoline motorcycle, or upgrade your small power electric bike ready made, we could provide total / parts solution, help do structural design and adjustment, electric power train test, open mould, assembly electric vehicle etc work.

Service Technological Process
  • ONE


    provide your requirements of e-vehicle: Speed, Climbing angle, weight with loading, voltage, mileage, tire zize, charging time and so on. SiAECOSYS will analyze data accordingly.ONE

  • TWO


    Design sketch
    According to your requirement to make scooter design. We can provide you the sketch from different angles. Als, we will discuss the sketch to with you.ONE

    Plastocene model
    Do sample via plastocene according to confirmed sketch. Invite you come to us to review the plastocene together, that if any idea we can change the plastocene on the spot.TWO

    Design 3D
    Design 3D according to confirmed Plastocene model Ps: In this processing, some items we can use off-the-shelf items, some parts like wheel rim/speedometer maybe could not meet our requirement that has to make nwe development.THREE

    Project Data Review
    We can keep discussing the 3D data via video conferencing or face-to-face in time.FOUR

    Rapid Prototyping Motorcycle Sample
    Produce e-vehicle sample through 3D printing and CNC. The main purpose for the rapid prototype sample is to check the apperance and comfortability. If any issues we can update 3D according your feedback. If possible will make rapid prototype again to double confirmFIVE

    Make molds (plastic cover, lights, frame)
    Make molds (plastic cover, lights, frame) according to 3D. After mold, maybe some parts still need to adjust to be better, so some available to modify mold.SIX


    The first Vehicle
    for Test

    Road Test
    We have prefessional driver team to do road testing about 15000km. In this processing, any issue we have engineer to debug and adjust.ONE

    Chassis dynamometer Test
    Professional driver test the performance of e-vehicle.TWO

  • FOUR


    The first Vehicle for Test
    SiAECOSYS could produce small quantity e-vehicles on first order. After road testing and adjust all issues, we can produce 20-30pcs small quantity motorcycles to verify on market. If any feedback, we can discuss if need to adjust or not.ONE

    Mass production
    Confirm our final state and mass prosduction.TWO

  • Function Show

    For electric vehicle function optional, and special requirement also support customized.
    Basic Function: Three speed, Reverse, Cruise, Anti thief, Parking, EBS, Regent, Error report.
    Advanced Function: ABS/CBS, SOC, One click Start, Remote keyless start, APP design combine with bike, CAN BUS, PKE, VCU, TPMS, OBC,Fast charge.


    Factory assembly